What is Medical Abortion?
Medical abortion involves the use of abortion pills which have credulity of giving a more natural abortion than that of surgical abortion. Whilst surgical abortion involves a process of extraction and process of curettage, abortion pills do not involve such sophistication and only requires to be ingested orally. Few reports of surgical abortions have proved to be fatal because of excessive bleeding caused due to uterus puncture. In some cases, women try to end their pregnancy through erroneous ways that can be fatal.

Surgical abortion can be taken as an option if medical abortion does not stand to be successful or if the pregnancy period has crossed the first trimester or 10 weeks.

There are essentially two types of abortion pills that induce abortion. Primary pill being the mifepristone pill and the second pill is misoprostol pills. Both these are the generic names of the pills found under different brand names.We are a globally connected social website that supports the cause of pro-choice for all women at the international level. We feel a woman’s choice and her decisions for her body are more important than any religious sentiments. We respect women’s decision of not choosing drudgery unlike any human being and our cause is also supported by a few researched topics and we do not stigmatize the women or her decision-making capabilities.
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How can medical abortion be termed as a natural way of abortion?

Medical abortion is often called natural abortion as these abortion pills stimulate the body to perform abortion or can say miscarriage. The mifepristone pill is also known as the anti-progesterone pill that inhibits corpus luteum from producing this hormone. The fetus then starts losing its control and falls out of the hold from its placenta. This synthetic steroid also supports the cervix to soften and initiates contractions in the uterus. This pill can be taken within 7 weeks of the gestation period.
• Similarly, misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog has the inherent quality of developing contractions in the uterus and the uterine lining starts thinning. It dilutes the entire pregnancy parts and they are expelled out in the form of heavy vaginal discharge. This pill then supports the cervix to widen up and the pregnancy tissue is expelled out. This pill is self-capable of inducing abortion during the 8 weeks of pregnancy period. Beyond the period of 8 weeks both the pills are required to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Our other two pills Mifeprex and Generic RU486 are the brand names of mifepristone pill and have the same effect on abortion.
• The misoprostol pills are also available under the brand name Cytolog.
• And our other two pills pack i.e. MTP Kit and abortion pill pack contains both the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol which are helpful for termination of pregnancy during the later days of pregnancy. The abortion pill pack is different from MTP Kit as it has added pills for controlling the contraindications like the pills for anti-inflammation, pills for anti-emetic, pills for blood coagulation.

What are the side-effects of using abortion pills?

We care for our buyers’ satiation and want to keep crystal clear about its contraindications.

These abortion pills have common, inevitable side-effects which are also the proof of successful abortion. You will definitely face vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps along with abdominal pains if the abortion process is successful. Added to these you can face some rare side-effects like fever, soporific along with nausea and vomiting tendency. Some may also face the problem of diarrhea. All these side-effects are transient which take 10-14 days to evade.What are the side-effects of using abortion pills?The most thought over issue prevailing is whether termination pills lead to infertility in future. Many anti-abortion activities claim that abortion pills create further problems of conception but this a myth or tactics to deviate from the originality so that abortion does not take place. No reports of infertility have yet been proven after using abortion pills, in fact, women having a medical abortion can easily conceive in future without any difficulties.Are abortion pills safe for future pregnancy?
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